Homemade Washing Liquid

Good morning lovely creatives

I thought I’d share a quick and easy way to make your own washing liquid. I found this recipe about 2 years ago on smarticular.net and hope you’ll find just as much excitement in making this as I do.

Quick facts:

• It makes about 2 litres of washing liquid and you’ll need about 150 – 200 ml per washing
• It’s super cheap, little effort
• It works really well and smells nice, too
• Not recommended to use for animal fibres, such as wool or silk


• 4 tablespoons washing soda
• 30g curd soap
• a few drops essential oil
• 2 litres water



  1. Grate the soap or cut finely with a knife
  2. Fill a medium to large pot with water
  3. Add washing soda and granted soap. Stir using whisk and bring briefly to boil
  4. Let it sit for one hour and then bring briefly to boil again
  5. Now let it sit for 6-24 hours. During this time texture will thicken
  6. Bring to boil again and stir using whisk so that the texture can become fluid again
  7. Let it cool down and add a few drops essential oil of choice
  8. Fill bottle or jar with your own homemade washing liquid

Extra info:

• Texture turns into gel. If you let it sit for a few days / weeks just shake jar in case water has separated from gel. This is normal
• For an easier use, I recommend using a jar / bottle with large opening




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