Does rain increase your creativity? Pt 2

Is rain really only a limitation?

It can’t all be bad, right?
Within the limitations that we experience when it’s raining, another freedom arises. A space inside of ourselves seems to open up and become accessible when we are directed inside.

Rain automatically slows us down. We cannot walk or drive as fast, we cannot work outside as productively as we could if the sun were shining.

When I think about it, as a result of not being able to move as freely, we are naturally directed inside. Not only inside of our houses but also inside of ourselves. Aren’t we all covering up, protecting ourselves from getting wet? Does rain maybe even make us more vulnerable?

“Does rain maybe even make us more vulnerable?”

The grey ambience influences our moods in a way that makes many of us feel more sentimental. When it rains I feel more introverted, I prefer staying in than going out. I would assume that even the music we listen to during the fall and winter season is slower, less upbeat than in the summer.

Rain seems to lower the multiple expectations we hold ourselves accountable to, it gives us an excuse to be less productive, it turns down the outside noise. And as a result of that, we get to hear ourselves more. We get to feel what is going on inside. Yes, rain does make us more sensitive to our own emotions. It creates a space of vulnerability. And I believe we can use this to our creative advantage.

Using rain as a creative force

If you’ve read Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” you might be familiar with her outlook on vulnerability, she says “[it] is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”.
Creativity can awake in a space of vulnerability. I believe this is where new ideas can unfold. In fact, rain is my favourite weather for writing. In a state of vulnerability my emotions are more accessible.

If the sun were always shining, I might not take those moments to look inside myself and reflect on whatever is happening in my life at that point of time. Instead of sitting on this rock, I might be running around on some beach, playing Frisbee (just kidding, I don’t play Frisbee. I mean, I would but I don’t. If you asked me, though, sure, we could play…). But truth is, I enjoy the beach, too. I enjoy the sun and rain both equally, if also for different reasons. I enjoy being able to move freely, I enjoy warm weather and being out in the world. And I love rain, as it gives me time and patience. It’s a form of Grace. It allows me be still for a moment and brings out a vulnerability that can be used for creativity. If we do not recognize its potential and only see the limitation, we will not be able to use it to our advantage.
With the rain, our souls, too, receive some time to regenerate.

  “He will come to us like the rain.” – Hosea 6:3

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All images © 2017 Yosny Castro



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